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What Blue Searchlight Has Uncovered:

Candidates make claims that highlight their professional and political accomplishments. Blue Searchlight has shown that all is not always as it seems.

Claim: A candidate created a multi-state computer retail company named by Inc. 500 magazine as one of the fastest growing small businesses in the country.

Omitted: The candidate failed to mention that the company's assets were seized after he failed to pay business taxes in two different states over a three-year period

Claim: A candidate was a Realtor and worked on various local boards promoting neighborhood revitalization

Omitted: The candidate owned numerous rental properties and had been sued seven times for being a slumlord.

Claim: A candidate earned of Bachelor of Science Degree in psychology and was once a high school teacher.

Omitted: The candidate had only earned of Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education and his teaching experience was limited to coaching high school basketball for two years in the 1970s.

Claim: A candidate running for higher office was a former district attorney and distinguished councilman.

Omitted: After losing the prosecutor's race, the candidate actively sought legal clients who sued the county for millions of dollars.

Claim: A candidate seeking re-election has been always opposed to gambling of any sort.

Omitted: The candidate not only supported legalized gambling, but had accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from casinos, casino owners, and gambling lobbyists. He also had introduced legislation authorizing gambling.

Claim: A candidate campaigned on fixing the budget and tackling taxes in the state capitol.

Omitted: The candidate had failed to pay nearly $50,000 to the IRS in a three-year period.

Claim: A candidate proudly served in the U.S. Air Force and was honorably discharged.

Omitted: The candidate served only 26 days in the military, and did not even complete basic training.

Claim: A candidate opposed reduced sentences for non-violent drug offenders.

Omitted: The candidate, once a professional athlete, used banned performance enhancing drugs.

Claim: A candidate was a successful prosecutor who had tried over 20 homicide cases.

Omitted: The candidate took credit for 12 homicide cases handled by his predecessor.

Claim: A candidate was a small business owner who wanted rural areas to prosper.

Omitted: The candidate was a real estate developer who routinely bought centuries-old family farms to build tract homes.

Research: A Valuable Tool

Research can make or break a campaign. As a campaign develops an effective message, properly prepared research can elevate their own candidate while putting their opponent on the defensive. Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough researchers to handle all campaigns. There are fewer capable of consistently delivering a high-quality product for each and every research request. That's where Blue Searchlight comes in.

Blue Searchlight is a political research firm that helps get Democrats and progressive-minded candidates elected. Blue Searchlight strives to go above and beyond the industry standard to provide information that gives your campaign a competitive edge over your opponent. We believe no detail is too mundane and no question is too trivial. And, unlike most opposition research firms, our work doesn't stop with the delivery of your research books. We stay with you through Election Day, monitoring news and distributing updates as needed. In other words, we are not a cookie-cutter operation.

Throughout the research process, and after the final report has been delivered, Blue Searchlight works with campaign staff, pollsters and media firms to develop and refine the campaign's messaging strategy. We are available to fact-check and provide properly referenced documentation in advance of polling and media advertising. We take pride in meeting tight deadlines and providing the information that will push your campaign to victory.

Since the 2010 election cycle, Blue Searchlight has completed research reports for candidates across the spectrum of political office, including those running for mayor, state senate, statewide office, and U.S. Congress. Blue Searchlight has researched candidates in Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

What We Can Do For You

Blue Searchlight researches, analyzes and develops reports individually tailored to the custom needs of our clients. Our reports include primary source documentation and detailed analysis on the target’s potential vulnerabilities and strengths -- information that can have an immediate impact on your campaign’s message. Our reports cover the following three areas:
Personal & Professional Background
  • Education and resume verification
  • Personal voting history
  • Property records, including probate, assessments, and liens
  • Court records, including criminal, civil, traffic, and domestic cases
  • Business records, including professional licenses, corporate filings, and complaints
  • Civic involvement, including religious affiliation, charities, and political giving 
Campaign Finances
  • Contribution and expenditure reports for both current and previous campaigns
  • Financial disclosure statements
  • Ethics filings
Public Office Records 
  • Positions on local and wedge issues
  • Voting history, including participation rate and flip-flops
  • Public body transcripts
  • Public statements and letters to the editor

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